About Me


Hello, Melissa here! So excited you stopped by!

I’m a wanderer who recently relocated from San Francisco (where I lived for 15+ years) to Colorado Springs, mostly to be closer to family (and my adorable newborn nephew)! Often enticed by exotic, high-effort travel, I am drawn to experiences that challenge my resourcefulness and adaptability (and would make for crazy stories to share with my concerned family and friends).

After being asked repeatedly over the years if I have a blog, I (FINALLY) started this space as a means to share my travel tips, stories, and food recommendations for those looking to add some adventure or new experiences into their lives.

I was born in San Francisco, California, but I was raised in Texas, Oklahoma, and primarily Germany (hello, fellow military brats!). I was exposed to travel at an early age (having to adapt to new surroundings every couple of years), so I feel more at home when I’m discovering someplace new!

I’m always looking for my next adventure and opportunity to make meaningful connections with like-minded individuals, so please reach out and say hello!